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Odd story hidden here with Esther Alice and John Joseph Helme

Back in the early 1900s, I suspect, that a failing, or loveless marriage wasn’t something to talk about.

It wasn’t until I started to sniff around in my family history that I began to think that my great grandparents separated quite soon after the family migrated from Belmont UK to Canada in 1914.

Speculation on my part as I’ve never been able to confirm it

All I can do is piece the information available to me together.

What I’ve found so far.

On the 20th of May 1913 John Joseph sailed from

Liverpool to Canada on a ship called “the Arabic”.

He lists his brother Benjamin Helme on the Manifest.

Benjamin lives in Belmont.

He sends a postcard to my grandmother in December.

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My great grandfather’s handwriting

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My mother, John Joseph’s granddaughter,

daughter of the Miss Helme to whom this postcard was sent,

believed that he sent it to prove he was in Canada.

Her note is here.

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I love that my mother’s handwritten

note is part of this story

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