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The Black Dog Pub

The Black Dog Pub in Belmont Lancashire England kept popping up in my research. It played a significant part in the lives of my ancestors.

It's almost a relative. In fact, I feel it’s my ancestral home.

Members on both sides of my family tree, Longworth and Helme, either were born there, lived and worked there or died there. And in some cases, all 4.

It’s still in operation today. And as luck would have it, I had the great fortune to pop in for a visit, and stay for two nights, in October 2023. I met with two local historians who were so generous with their valuable time.

They also pulled out the original church records. Tom Carr, the local historical society guru, carried them in a bag, and we sat in the Black Dog on the very bench Benjamin himself would have sat on. I cried to be looking at and touching these priceless pieces of history.

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Visiting The Black Dog Pub in 2023

1841 Benjamin is entertaining the Druidesses at the Pub

 Music recorded with notation on the score sheet
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Census of 1871 showing The Black Dog Pub was still home to Benjamin and Ann.

Interesting little article from the Bolton Evening News, Tuesday May 6th 1873

Individual licence transfers took place on

May 5th at the County Sessions. Each one relevant to our family story.

Highlighted in yellow. Following the death of Benjamin Helme in September 1872, and the execution of his estate, there is an application for the transfer of licence for the Wright’s Arms.

Note of interest here is that the article mentions a “James” Helme. I believe this to be an error in reporting. It should read James Ramwell, who was the husband of Benjamin Helme’s daughter Margaret.

I’d also like to mention that Ann Helme, Benjamin’s wife dies only 5 days after this article is published.

Highlighted in blue. A spirit licence transfer for the Black Dog from Ann Helme to Adam Helme. I will look for another transfer for the Black Dog as Adam dies in 1874.

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